e-Business Cards Maker-Full App Reviews

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Please develop this app more!!

App is very limited! Not worth the money. Info boxes are set so you cant choose what is visible on the card. For example I dont have a fax line but the word Fax still shows on the card like I just forgot to put the number in there. For a paid app should have way more card styles to choose from. This will be great after a little more development. Hoping there is more to come for my $1.99!!!


This app is the worst app!!! Dont waste your money! Using a crayon would be better than using this crapp I mean app!!!

Quick but not flexible

This app is quick, but you cannot go back and edit once you save. Also, once you save you cannot make another card or try a different design. Its a one card one try app with no redo.

Upset user

Do not waste your money. This is a poor app.


Limited templates. Poor quality image when saved. Very few options for design

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